Opera Mini Android

Surfing the web these days is as common as any activity you will do on a day to day basis. For many, going online is a part of their daily routine. Of course, in the advent of modern technology, our mobile phones allow us to do just the same task as we do with our computers. Nowadays, even the smallest of phones can do things only a computer was able to do a few years back. For instance, an Android phone can stream online videos, download files, check e-mails and even call contacts via video conferencing. Browsing the Internet is perhaps the most popular activity and an Android comes equipped with a default web browser. However, if you want a totally new experience with web browsing, then you need to have Opera Mini for Android.

When using Opera Mini on Android, you are guaranteed a different surfing experience as this platform ensures that you get to browse faster than usual even with a slow Internet connection. Why is that? Opera Mini uses very little resources and compresses the data before showing it to you, thus making loading of pages faster even with a 56k connection or lower. It is quite simplistic to look at but nonetheless gets the job done especially if you need to do web browsing in a jiffy. With its very unique compression technology, about 90% of data costs is reduced which makes browsing the Internet even more efficient.

Opera Mini is not the default web browser for Android devices. Although the one it comes with is good enough, you can always choose to opt for Opera Mini as your browser but you will need to download it first. Before you concern yourself with the cost, the browser can be downloaded free of charge. First of all, there are numerous ways you can download Opera Mini for your Android and the fastest way is to get it from Google Play, which is one of the best sources of apps for Androids. Alternately, you can also download the installer from the Opera website itself and choosing the mobile option for downloading. There are third-party websites that also offer Opera Mini for free. Just make sure you are downloading from a trusted website before you click on anything.

Installing the browser is very easy. Just follow the directions given and click “yes” to all the questions that will be asked. If you are downloading Opera Mini from a third party to your computer, simply transfer the app to the drive where the Android is connected. Alternately, you can save the installer on a memory device such as an SD card and insert it in the phone and launch it from there. Once the installation process has been completed, you can enjoy using Opera Mini as your browser and experience fast web browsing like you never have before. On a final note, just make sure you edit the browsing settings to get what you want out of surfing the Internet with Opera Mini.